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FIN JUN WIN 2011 & NORD JUN WIN 2011 x 2





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The 1st of December, Vetka gave birth to three puppies, two females and one male, look under puppies!


Älvsjö 2011-12-10 Zayka and Keehawn Veuve Clicquet are Nordic Junior Winners 2011

Helsingfors 2011-12-04 Dompe is Finnish Junior Winner 2011


Växjö 2011-11-05 A wonderful day in Växjö. 24 longhair.
BOB Vlast' Ognia Edelweiss, 2nd male with CC Keehawn Dom Perignon (9,5 months old) 4th male Favorit Style Shedevr.
Judge Lessie Tschistiakova Russia. She explained her thoughts about her our breed. That was very appreciated. BOB smoothhair Natural Choice Astrea Star.


Czech Republic, in Mlada Boleslav 2011-10-15

Dompe is BOB puppy

Ed gets an CAC is a now CZ CH

I am totally amazed over the results this weekend.
Sundsvall 2011-10-10
BOB, CAC, Favorit Style Shedevr,            
BOS, CAC, Gold Standard Splash Af Agneta.
2nd best male, Vlast Ognia Edelweiss.      
Judge, Florence Fahey, Ireland
Thanks to the breeders of these wonderful dogs; Olga, Annelie and Julia. But nothing of this would have been possible without the training for the professional handler Gerard O´Shea


Timrå 2011-10-09

For the first time in Sweden ever, a Russian Toy is winning Best In Show. My own breeding Dompe is BIS-puppy !!!!!!!!!

BEST IN SHOW puppy, Keehawn Dom Perignon


BIR & BIS puppy, Keehawn Dom Perignon
BOB youngster, CAC, 3rd male, Favorit Style Shedevr.       
BOS yongster, CAC, 2nd female Gold Standard Splash Af Agneta.
BOS, SE UCH, DK UCH, FIN UCH, Vlast Ognia Edelweiss.
Judge Ingrid Borchorst Danmark.
The greatest day in my doglife, so far!!!


Eckerö Åland 2011-09-24 Ed IS BOB and is now FIN UCH & NORD UCH, Tiger Is 2nd best male with R CAC. Judge Miroslav Zidar.

  Gimo 2011-09-10 Tiger Is BOB and gets his first Swedish CC, Ed 2nd best male. Judge Zoran Brancovic

   Euro Dog Show Leeuwarden 2011-09-14 Ed is classwinner,

Judge Fred Khomasuridze

       Swedish Winner Norrköping 2011-08-21, Dompe is BOB-puppy. Judge Åke Cronander.

           Eskilstuna 2011-08-20 DOmpe BOB-puppy & Moet BOS-puppy. Judge Jahn Stääv.

Dompe 6 months

Paris 2011-09-07. Paris Ed gets CAC on the Championnat de France. Judge Tatjana Urek. He is unplaced in his class on WDS. Judge Ivanishiva.


Borås 2011-07-02 SDHK  Ed Is BOB he is now SE UCH, DK UCH,

Judge Anne Suma,

Agge gets excellent both days.


18/6-2011 Ed is BOB and CopenhagenWinner-2011

BOB Longhair, KPH-V 2011, Vlast´ Ognia Edelweiss

Judge Harry Tast

BOB Smoothhair, DK CH, KPH-V 2011, Volga Sharm Zemchug


 A russian male

My friend Julia Shestakova has let me borrow her male for mating. He will arrive to Sweden later this year. He will be available for appropriate females. More information under "My dogs".

We proudly present

Favorit Style Shedevr "Tiger"


Ed takes his second CC in Sweden and is BOB in Forshaga and Popsen BOS junior, 8th of April

This is Ed together with the beautiful Natural Choice Charming Cora Le. Cora Le became champion and BOB on the same show. Ed and Cora Le also have puppies together.


Vetka gives birth the 21st of january

No puppies available in this litter