BLOG 2010


FIN JUN WIN 2011 & NORD JUN WIN 2011 x 2






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                                                               Budapest 27 & 28/11-2010, Ed becomes best male and gets CAC and CACIB, both days,

                                                           Vetka is 2nd best bitch and gets CAC och ResCACIB both days. A great weekend at Budapest Cacib Derby.


2/10-2010 Bruno BOB puppy on Euro dog show in Celje


 1-2/10 - 2010 Ed takes 2 R CAC in Celje


18/9-2010 Ed is best junior and is now both Russian and Czech Junior Champion. Extra is  finally moving home to Sweden


21/8-2010 Ed takes his first swedish CC and is BOS on his first show in Sweden


26/6-2010 Two new dogs arrives from Russia, after been showed at the World Dog Show in Herning.

Welcome Ed and Vetochka!

26/6-2010 Ed comes on second place in junior males, with his breeder Julia Shestakova.

Thank you Julia for this wonderful male.


Nickan on World Dog Show in Herning 2010.

18 & 20/6-2010 Agge is shown for the first time, two days on triple dog show in Jönköping she becomes BOB-puppy both days.

Agge in the big ring. Vicky was not in a good mood at all..


PUPPIES BORN THE 4th of april

6/4-2010 Agge moves in with our family

Result and pictures from Eurasia

27-28/3-2010 Vendy and I decides to bring back a male as well,

Welcome "Sher Bruno"

e Sher Elf Leon u Sokroviscze Zhanety Izyuminka

I am visiting Eurasia in Moscow the 27th -28th of March with my czech breeder Vendy. We are bringing a little  puppy bitch home to Czech Republic. She is going to live with Vendy until she is allowed to come to Sweden.

Welcome "Favorit Style Extra for Keehawn"!

E Favorit Style President U Jazzband Top Model for Favorit Style

Nickan got a CC and is now Czech champion. Jonahan got a CC and a Cacib. I was lucky to meet wonderful people (Vendy, Michaela & Vera) in Czech Republic and Nickan is now mated with Damskiy Kapriz Schelkunchik. Nickan is unfortunatly not expecting, but I will be back to mate with this wonderful male.


Nickan and Jonathan are going to enter a show in Brno,  Czech Republic the 6th and 7th of Februari 2010.